Monday, January 19, 2009

Uncertainty-part II

This must be the cause of all uncertainty.

Samsung Electronics Reorganizes to Fight Slump

Published: January 16, 2009

Filed at 6:50 a.m. ET

SEOUL, South Korea (AP) -- Samsung Electronics Co. announced a major restructuring Friday, consolidating business operations into two divisions as South Korea's most powerful and iconic corporation deals with the slowing global economy and expectations of looming red ink.The new organization was included in an announcement of personnel changes at the company as well as at the broader Samsung Group of which it serves as flagship. Samsung Electronics CEO Lee Yoon-woo, who retains his position, will also take on the added responsibility of overseeing a new Device Solution division combining the semiconductor and LCD businesses, according to the announcement. The company also plans a Digital Media and Communications division to be headed by Choi Gee-sung, bringing together under one umbrella televisions, mobile phones and other consumer electronics such as printers, computers and home appliances, according to Samsung spokesman James Chung. Samsung Electronics is the world's biggest manufacturer of memory chips, liquid crystal displays and flat screen televisions. It ranks second behind Finland's Nokia Corp. in mobile phones. The company, however, has been struggling of late amid the global downturn and falling prices for semiconductors and flat screens. Its net profit declined 44 percent in the third quarter of 2008 from the same period in 2007. Samsung is scheduled to announce fourth-quarter earnings on Jan. 23 and some analysts are forecasting the company will swing to a net loss. ''We needed to effectively respond to the current global recession,'' Samsung spokeswoman Hwang Eun-ju said regarding the reason for the changes. She also said that Samsung will cut the pay of top executives by up to 20 percent. The conglomerate-wide personnel changes are the second since the resignation in April of Lee Kun-hee as chairman of Samsung Electronics, the post from where he oversaw the entire Samsung Group. The position of Samsung chairman remains unfilled. Lee Yoon-woo, the current CEO, assumed that position in May, in line with other personnel movements. Samsung Electronics also reshuffled some of its businesses at that time though not on the scale announced Friday. Lee Kun-hee, the figure credited with building Samsung into a global force, resigned after being indicted on charges of tax evasion, for which he was eventually convicted and handed a suspended prison sentence. He was acquitted on separate breach of trust charges. Besides Samsung Electronics, the conglomerate consists of dozens of companies with interests in shipbuilding, construction, life insurance and leisure. The group is said to account for about 20 percent of South Korea's exports. A total of 25 executives were affected by the personnel changes at group companies, including 14 promotions, Samsung said. ''A new wave of young talent was chosen to overcome the global downturn,'' Samsung said in the statement. Samsung's semiconductor and mobile phone businesses in recent years under the direction of two key executives -- Chang Hwang-gyu, dubbed ''Mr. Chip'' by local media, and Lee Ki-tae, known as ''Mr. Phone'' -- focused on putting the company at the forefront of technological innovation. Hwang, most recently chief technology officer, and Lee, vice chairman for external relations, left those positions Friday, according to Chung, the spokesman. Their departure signals a new focus. ''This means Samsung's strategy is moving from high-tech competition to profitability,'' said Lee Min-hee, an analyst at Dongbu Securities. Lee said he expects Samsung to record a net loss for the final three months of 2008, which he said would be the company's first on a quarterly basis. Shares in Samsung Electronics rose 2.1 percent to close at 469,000 won ($345.42) Friday. Samsung's share price fell 19 percent in 2008.

Monday, December 15, 2008


It has been quite a while since I update this blog. Well, the truth is I have been really busy with my study and work> Now I have come to another cycle of my live. I will graduate next year February, and until now I haven't had a solid plan for the future. There are few options out there, but they are still unsure. Especially with the current bad condition. However, as one of my friends in church told me, "God is in control". I really believe that, and looking back I have seen how great His works are. Supposedly there's no need for me to feel afraid...but still I can't resist to be afraid and worried...

Friday, October 10, 2008

New Macbook?

Will it be this one:

or this one?


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New iPod

It's been for quite sometimes that I haven't write about technology. Well writing about technology is one of my hobby, so I always try to write about it. As you may all know that Apple has just recently held their special event call "Let's rock", and it's exactly at the same date as my birthday...^^
A few products that they release is the new iTunes 8 (with Genius addition), the iPod classic, the second iPod touch, and of course what I like most is the new iPod nano.
The iPod classic was upgraded from 80Gb to 120Gb for the same price. The most obvious change for iPod nano is the wide screen and the long oval design. I have been using my sister's in law iPod nano, and my complaint is always the small screen. And another addition of shake to shuffle, that enable you to shuffle songs by just shaking the ipod with the addition accelerometer built in the iPod nano. And of course a lot of new colors called the nano chromatic with all the 8Gb and 16Gb model. The iPod touch now comes with thinner packaging, the same design as the iPhone 3G has and it has volume rocker, speaker and Nike plus all built-in the new iPod touch...Again, some amazing great products by Apple...

Friday, August 08, 2008


Today is a very unique day, August 8th 2008. The Chinese believe that 8 is a lucky number, that's why tonight at 08:08pm, they are going to open the 2008 Olympic games. Some people might have chosen these date as their special day, mostly maybe their wedding date, just like last year when we had the 070707. Some people bought car plate number or mobile phone number or any thing that contain a lucky number (or in Indonesia we called it "Nomor cantik/bautiful number").
Some people also think there are unlucky numbers like 4 or 13. And sometimes they avoid this number, like in some building they change the 4th floor to 3A and 3B or 13th floor to 12A and 12B.
But do you really think that these numbers can give you prosperity or change your luck?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Super Excellent (SUPEX)

This week, starting from Monday-Wednesday, I went to SK Academy-Yongin city for the summer SK Global internship program orientation. In this orientation all of the interns from all SK groups from SK energy, SK telecom, and other SK company, are joined here to have orientation to know more about SK as a group. I really had a great time here, and I met a lot of new friends from all over the world. In my group especially (picture above-details can be seen here), we are all from different whole other countries; Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Phillipine, China, Germany, USA, Egypt, Kenya, Ghana, Sweden, Rusia, Kazakhstan, Irak, Pakistan, Netherland, And Turki...
There are a few lectures that we attended, but one special lectures was given by the CEO of Harley Davidson Korea. He explain about how "spirits in a product" is a very important factor. And also about passion which comes from the latin word "Pasus=pain", which means that passion is something that will change your life but it comes with a price. Another thing that I learned was about SUPEX-Super Excellent. Supex is the SK-way of promoting the excellence in SK people to achieve their maximum potential in their work. And I think it is a unique word, and has a very deep meaning in it.
Beside the lectures, we also had some other fun activities, like sports, body and mind training, hiking, and also wathing the SK wyverns baseball game.
I think I will be enjoying my time here for the next 5 weeks in this internship program...

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Wings of happiness

Back to nature-Lab MT 2008

Last Thursday we went for our summer lab-membership training. This time we went to Juwangsan National park for hiking and fishing. We went there Thursday morning. It took 2hours to get to the national park. On the first day, we went to view the lake and fishing on a river. Unfortunately there wasn't many fishes there, so we could only caught 3small fishes. And then we went back to a small lodge to spent the night there.
The next day we went hiking for almost 6 hours in Juwangsan national park. It was a beatiful view the mountains, forrest and waterfalls.